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Optimize Costs, Mitigate Risks by Improving Operational Efficiencies in Cloud

IT organizations are aware of the positive impact on the private cloud migrations and transformations have on the business. Managing and administering the cloud operations needs professional expertise and long term investments in the infrastructure which can be affordable by the large corporations. The best option to employ is Cloud management service provider that can help and support your cloud journey in an affordable way.

Unikon IT mainly focuses on the cloud managed firms by rendering the technology efficiently to the clients, with an expertise over two decades in legacy infrastructure and applications. We provide custom managed integrated cloud services that provides your organization with completed support round the clock.

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Unikon IT Expert Cloud Solutions

Let your business thrive and prosper in today’s market with Unikon IT

Begin our cloud management with Unikon IT professional cloud roadmap services that helps and support the company in your cloud journey. We have a team of certified professional architects who can deliver a perfect strategic roadmap that can help you reach the maximum ROI for your business.

Our services covers the inventory, analysis, assessment of applications, ecosystem and risk assessment in detail. We deliver the perfect roadmap that can kick-start your business operations with cloud.

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Cloud Migration

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Migrate to Cloud without any hassles

The main challenge for any organization is determining the right approach for the migration, sequence and security of the migration.

Unikon IT collaborates with your organization and develops structured framework including the critical factors and options assessment and then creates a sequential plan to migrate the apps.

  • Develops migration roadmap
  • Execution map
  • App analysis
  • Profiling app
  • Migration complexities
  • Configuration management
  • Planning and design

Monitoring and Administering Cloud

Unikon IT provides close monitoring and management of the cloud and provides you a solid foundation in the cloud administration.

We help you maximize the investments in the cloud by providing the services round the clock with good infrastructure and databases along with the consumption optimization, performance and monitoring.

Our operations will be just a beginning as we build on top of your cloud foundation by pointing and executing the value from the cloud estate. Our unique established processes and cloud expertise gives you the fastest time to value.

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