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Leverage the robust connectivity and transform the performance of your business with best IT managed services.

Agile Managed Services for IT Firms

The Managed IT services mainly focuses on the projects that are provided by a third party contractor which will get delivered to the customers.

At Unikon IT Managed services, the managed service providers will take care of the IT task and equipment by getting paid from the customer with a monthly receipt. There are various types of IT managed services however they are all focused on taking down the burden from the clients with smart managed services with best pricing in the industry.

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Services Focusing Contractual Tasks

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The managed services will go through certain terms and conditions between the client and service provider where the service provider will typically charges in different number of ways. If you are connected with a remote monitoring and management services, the billing will be flat or as per the model and need and is billed on regular basis as per the schedule in the contract.

We understand and offer the values IT services that address he certain requirements of the customer by proving the powerful and cost-effective services which can enhance the value of the task and supports your organization to gain more credibility.

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App Management Services

Save time and money while streamlining the applications with a App managed services

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In order to drive the business in this competitive world, companies need to connect and get integrated with the new technologies but, the outdated processes and resource intensive operations can slow down the procedures and that is where the App management services will help you.

At Unikon IT, the managed applications services are designed to help you incorporate the best technologies with ease. We offer scalable, flexible and customized services that can boost business performance.

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  • Managed services with support
  • Virtual unit
  • Sharing services

Key benefits of Managed IT Services

There are top notch benefits of managed services and here are the things you need to peep into.

Low Risk – By choosing the managed service model, the risks will be reduced to the clients as it will be taken by the service providers and it is their responsibility until they deliver the project.

No budget fluctuations – The service providers will charge a fixed or flat costs to take up the services and might charge monthly or quarterly basing on the contract signed. So the application or IT services will be in budget.

No turnovers – As the vendor outsourced the IT department of the company there will not be any employee turnover. The managed IT services provider will secure the information about your company in a file and bring in the expertise from the previous clients too.

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