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The Mobile app development has transformed the business ecosystem as it become the main stream communication between the potential customers and the business today. It has reformulated the way of doing business in this competitive world. They became a lifeline to the business but if you are facing a complex situations with high maintenance and poor staffing you might not be able to move in fast pace. At Unikon IT, we follow proven application services and software development services for every business in need. Our services will allow you to rethink and helps you achieve a simplified, future ready business app environment and software development. We support you to reach the level of agility to face the challenges.

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Software Development

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Software Development is not a simple task that can be achieved in one click, it has several stages of development and testing journeys which requires experience and expertise to implement what you have planned to get the right business outcome.

Unikon IT software development services utilizes top notch latest technologies to reach your IT objectives and always keeps you on track by delivering advanced software solutions from highest level of security using block chain and AI based algorithms like machine learning.

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In application and software development services

Going mobile apps will help your business to streamline the operations and brings great value to the today’s customer base and helps you tackle the big data. The app development services helps you succeed with the mobile strategy.

We build modern cross platform apps, APIs, Cloud back ends, cloud processing and on premise systems and deploy whenever and wherever needed. You can find all the resources that are needed to reach your goals in software development and app development with our services.

Mobile and Software App Development Expertise Areas


Android users are showing higher brand loyalty than any other and it definitely pay off. We provide Android app development services from scratch and build best apps.


The iOS users are growing rapidly and businesses are focusing on this platform extensively. We develop iOS apps with modern programming languages which fits with your requirements.

Cross Platform

Cross platform app development has become a new approach in the app development today. We will develop the user friendly apps with distinct functionalities at an affordable price in the given time.



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